Programme 2022 (ENG)

Location: Orion building, campus of Wageningen University, Bronland 1 in Wageningen.

During the conference plenary parts will either be in English or in Dutch. When in Dutch they will be interpreted and you can get a receiver at the entrance. Workshops are in English or Dutch. Dutch workshops will not be translated. The workshops with a star are in English.

Programma booklet Voedsel Anders Conference 2022: For all the information about plenary speakers and workshops. Here you can read or download the programma booklet in higher resolution.

Friday June 10th

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Morning programme (optional):

10.00 Excusions: Chose among 3 routes with excursions to local farmers and unique food initiatieves in and around Wageningen. Read more about the excursions and register!

Afternoon Programme

12.30: Registration (arrange lunch yourself) Orion

13.00: Workshop round 1 Room number in the booklet
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14.30: Switch of rooms

14.45: Workshop round 2 Room number in the booklet
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16.30: Dinner + Farmers Market Festival grounds next to Orion
Meet at the sustainable meal on the festival grounds and discover local food makers and initiatives from the movement at the Farmers Market.

Evening programme: Collective power in a solidarity food system
Moderator Hanny van Geel

18.00: Welcome en opening ceremony Room C1040
Arthur Mol (Rector Magnificus, Wageningen University and Research)

Diverse Speakers:

Jaap Tielbeke (De Groene Amsterdammer)

Tielbeke Goes into conversations with: Roos Saat (XR Agriculture), Alies Fernhout (Voedselpark Amsterdam), Anna Wissmann (FoodE Project, ILS Research, Germany) en John Arink (Caring Farmers)

Béatrice Gorez (Coalition for Fair Fisheries Arrangements)

Edie Mukiibi (Slow Food International)

21.00: Drinks afterglow and music by LynnCollective The Spot, Orion

Saturday June 11 2022

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Welcome and opening ceremony with day presidents Veerle Seegers en Liane Lankreijer (both Voedsel Anders NL)

9:00: Registration, Coffee/tea Orion

9.30: Welcome en opening ceremony with music Room C1040
Opening: A conversation with award winning food system leader
Dee Woods (Land Workers’ Alliance, La Via Campesina)

Dee Woods is an award winning food system leader from the UK. A passionate knowledge broker, pollinator and weaver who advocates for good food for all and a just food system. Dee is a member of the Land Workers’ Alliance/ La Via Campesina and the Food Ethics Council. She co-edited the People’s Food Policy for the UK. Dee co-founded the Granville community kitchen, an ethical, sustainable, culturally diverse community food hub. In 2016 she was awarded the BBC Food and Farming Awards ‘Cook of the Year’ prize. At Voedsel Anders, Dee will talk about the connections between food and human rights, community, policy, colonialism, research, agroecology,and climate justice.

10.45: Shift of rooms

11:00: Workshop round 3 Room number in the booklet

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12.30: Lunch by Vreemde Streken Festival grounds next to Orion

14:00: Workshop round 4 Room number in the booklet

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15:30: Coffee/tea with cake The Spot, Orion

15.30: Workshop round 5 Room number in the booklet

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17.15: Closing session: together towards a democratic food system Room C1040
We conclude with a joint implementation agenda of the various partners in the food movement

18.30: Dinner by Food of Cultures Festival grounds next to Orion

19.30: Dancing with music by Saffron Soul The Spot, Orion