Programme 2022 (ENG)

Friday June 10th

10:00Excursions to local farmers and food initiatives around Wageningen
12:30Registration, coffee and tea (self-organised lunch) + Farmer’s market
13:00Workshop round 1 + Farmer’s market
14:45Workshop round 2 + Farmer’s market
16:30Dinner + Farmer’s market
18:00Evening program: Collective power in a solidarity-based food system  
 Welcome and opening ceremony
 Moderator of the day: Evelijne Bruning 
 With various speakers:
 Jaap Tielbeke (De Groene Amsterdammer)
 Tielbeke will go into conversations with: Roos Saat (XR Landbouw), Alies Fernhout (Voedselpark Amsterdam), Anna Wissmann (FoodE Project, ILS Research, Germany) en John Arink (Caring Farmers)
 Béatrice Gorez (Coalition for Fair Fisheries Arrangements)
 Edie Mukiibi (Slow Food International)

Saturday June 11th

09:00Registration, coffee and tea
09:30Welcome and opening ceremony with music
 Opening: A conversation with award winning food system leader Deirdre (Dee) Woods (Land Workers Alliance UK, La Via Campesina)
 Moderator Evelijne Bruning
11:00Workshop round 3
12:30Lunch (with market)
14:00Workshop round 4
16:00Workshop round 5 (short round)
17:15Closing session: together towards a democratic food system
18:30Dinner + dancing & music

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