Programme Conference 2016

vrijdagavond en zaterdag 13

Program Voedsel Anders Conference 2016

In addition to the plenary program, there will be a choice of about 60 workshops organised under four major themes: Agroecology, soil & permaculture; short chains and urban farming; fair agriculture and trade policies; access to land and land rights. Download the full program booklet (pdf)

Friday 12 February 2016

12.30     Doors open with music by Yeraz
13.00     Introduction Evelijne Bruning
13:15     Welcome Arthur Mol (Rector Magnificus of Wageningen University)

13:20     Keynote 1 Jonathan Karpathios (Greek-Dutch cook, gardener, food blogger)
Keynote 2 Jyoti Fernandes (peasant, UK Land Workers Alliance & La Via Campesina)
Keynote 3 Irene Cardoso (Professor of soil science and chair of Brazilian Agroecology Alliance)

14:30     Workshops round 1 (download the program booklet)
15:45     Break
16.15    Workshops round 2 (download the program booklet)
17:30    Change halls

17.45     Reflection with special guest and musical contribution by Jan Diek van Mansvelt & Anneke Roth
18:15     Dinner

20:00     Debate: The future of agriculture and food
Live illustration by Remco de Kluizenaar

Part 1: Agroecology: the new mainstream?
With Martin van Ittersum (Wageningen University) and Irene Cardoso (Brazilian Agroecology Alliance). Unfortunately Maryam Rahmanian (FAO) had to cancel her participation due to flight issues.

Part 2: Policy options for a fair income for farmers and world wide food security
With Sieta van Keimpema (Dutch Dairymen Board), Niek Koning (Wageningen University), Frits van der Wal (Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

22.00    Drinks
00.00    End


Saturday 13 February 2016

Extra: Seed fair with Reclaim the Seeds, info market and producers’ market, children’s program and film screenings

10:00     Opening act by Noortje Braat & Egon Kracht
10:15     Welcome Evelijne Bruning
10:30     Introduction Olivier de Schutter (chair of International Panel on Sustainable Food Systems, IPES-Food)

10:45    Panel: Transition and movement building

Part 1: Visions on food system transition
Piet van IJzendoorn (Association for Biodynamic Farming and Food), Arjen Wals (Professor Social Learning & Sustainability, Wageningen University)

Part 2. Strategic perspectives from the food movement
Leen Laenens (VELT), Jocelyn Parot (URGENCI, international network for community supported agriculture), Jack Stroeken (Slow Food Netherlands)

12:00     Lunch
13:30     Workshops round 3 (download the program booklet)
14:45     Break
15:15     Workshops round 4 (download the program booklet)16.30     Change halls

16:45    Reflection Jan Douwe van der Ploeg (professor of Transition Studies, Wageningen University)
17.15    Thank you by Voedsel Anders
17.30    Drinks and music
19.30    End