Now or never – sign the initiative Save bees and farmers!

deadline September 30

Already 3/4 million European citizens have signed the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) ‘Save bees and farmers’ and people and organizations all over Europe are now helping in the final sprint. To end a toxic era and restore biodiversity! Sign the official proposal to the EU via (the personal data are not for the organization but for the government, to determine the percentage of valid votes in a sample, after which they will be deleted).

Volunteers wanted!
Sept 24: action in Utrecht during the Climate Strike

The European Citizens’ Initiative ‘Save Bees and Farmers’ has collected 760,000 signatures. Will you help to reach 1 million (deadline Sept, 30)? On Friday, September 24 we will collect signatures on the Jaarbeursplein in Utrecht during the Climate Strike (Klimaatstaking). Your job as a volunteer is very simple: you distribute small cards with which people can easily sign digitally.

Are you in? Register here before September 19.
You will receive more practical information in time.

Help bees and biodiversity with a digital boost

  1. Forward this message to your friends and ask them to spread the word.

Have you already sent a message to yout friends and contacts? Such as:

‘Dear friends, it is not going well with bees and insects, and pesticides play a major role in it. They poison our food and our environment. Let’s stop using pesticides. Then we can restore biodiversity for a bright future for us and future generations. Join me and 760,000 Europeans. Ask the EU to phase out pesticides and promote nature-inclusive agriculture. Please sign this official European Citizens’ Initiative Save Bees and Farmers. Thank you!’

Select contacts from your address book and put them in BCC. The responses will surprise you, including from people you might not have thought would be interested.

2. Use WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram

Of course, you can also text this same message via your phone! Send it to groups or individuals in the app. Repeat until you’ve sent it to all your contacts. Pretty fun to do! Most people read it and some will immediately sign and share it.

3. Share the message on social media.

Use Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other network. Share your own messages and our posts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

4. Find an organization that wants to send out a mailing

Nature organizations, animal lovers, food networks, trade union, consumer association, political party, church organizations. Local, regional or national. Small or big. Everything helps! Find someone who can send a mailing to their members and convince them of the importance of sending a special message about ‘Save bees’: it’s now or never! Or at least ask them to include it in their newsletter.

Mailings work much better than just a message on social media. Let us know if it works, then you will also encourage others!

5. Print A4 posters and hang them in public places.

You can find here A4 posters with a QR-code and hang them at your local grocery store, library, community centre or church.

6. Help to collect paper signatures

In your neighbourhood, at a demonstration, at your local farmers’ market, … You will find them here on our website, with clear instructions on how to fill them and where to send them once completed. 

Some people may hesitate to give personal information (i.e. date of birth, ID number…). You can reassure them: this is a requirement from your country in order to verify the vote and it is safely encrypted and transferred to the relevant authorities. All the fields must be accurately filled in to make the signature valid.

Together, let’s make it happen – 1 million signatures before September 30!

Thank you.